The premium lash style 'Elegant' is a soft and beautifully put together luxury eyelash strip. Wispy and whimsical, this piece will amplify every single look. Varying lengths across the band assure that this lash will be suited to almost all eye shapes. 	3D Mink - creates a fluffy, stacked effect	25-30 uses	Cruelty free	Light-weight and easy to apply


  • SHE London Luxury Lash Collection is a high-quality brand of hand crafted mink lashes. SHE London features two types of mink lashes; Luxury 3D Mink and Luxury Mink. Our 3D Mink lashes are perfect for customers that would like to make a statement with their lashes. 3D Mink lashes are layered to create depth and dimension.


    SHE London Luxury Mink lashes will stand the test of time. Unlike synthetic lashes, our Mink lashes are designed to be reusable, so you will enjoy your Lashes for up to 25-30 times. SHE London Lashes are handmade, custom designed, easy to apply and totally lightweight.


    Get the full and natural look you've always dreamed of with help from our 100% authentic mink hair lashes. 

  • This product does not contain lash glue

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