SHE London luxury lashes can be worn up to 25-30 times when properly cared for. To ensure you get the most out of your mink lashes it is essential to take proper care and clean them after each use.



Before wearing your SHE London lashes, we recommend that you measure your SHE London lashes against your natural lash line in order to see whether the lash need to trimmed down to size. Should you need to, we suggest that trim your lashes ever so slightly shorter than your natural lash line to avoid irritation and lifting in the inner corner of your eyes. Make sure you only trim small sections at a time to avoid making them too short!



We recommend that you apply mascara to your natural lashes before you apply your SHE London mink lashes. Be cautious when applying mascara to your lashes as it can ruin the quality of the mink fur and decrease your number of uses for your lash set. 



In order to maintain the amazing condition and shape of your mink lashes, we advise that you ensure to gently remove your lashes after each use. Dipping a cotton bud into warm water or an oil/alcohol free makeup remover and running it across the cotton band will help loosen the adhesive glue and assist you with gently lifting the lashes away from your own lash line. You can either use your fingers or tweezers for this process. It is essential to that you do not use any makeup removers containing oil or alcohol, as this can cause the mink fur to fall off the cotton band whilst also ruining the curls and shape of mink fur. Once you have taken off your lashes make sure to remove any glue from the cotton band.



We advise that you do not swim whilst wearing your SHE London mink lashes as this can ruin the curl and style of the lash. Mink fur is very delicate and soaking the lashes in water can ruin the design and immensely decline durability. Make sure you remove your SHE London mink lashes and store them in the original casing before you go for that swim.



You can keep your mink lashes neat, clean, and free from dust and bacteria by storing them back in the original SHE London mink lash case.



We advise that you use any glue you are comfortable with. If you aren’t allergic to latex, we would then advise that you use DUO Lash Adhesive, as it’s waterproof and renowned by professionals worldwide.If you are allergic to latex, use a latex free glue. These can be found in any drugstore/online. 

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