SHE London is more than just a standard eyelash brand. We are a revolutionary and empowering movement for females worldwide. 

SHE London is a representation of you, our customers. This is because when you wear our eyelashes, we want you to see, feel, and be the SHE that you want to be, which is the SHE that already exists in you. Hence, our Luxury mink lashes are designed to liberate and enhance our customers' inner confidence and align you with being the SHE  you want to be!


SHE London celebrates diversity and and the beauty of all.  We believe that there is no set definition as to what 'beauty' actually is as it can be interpreted in many ways. We seek to enable our customers to withstand the pressures of what society classifies as "beautiful" and "feminine". SHE London breaks down that barrier by enabling you to define your own beauty and be the SHE that you want to be, giving you the liberty to define and be who SHE is.

SHE can be; confident, bold, classy, fearless, elegant, virtuous, conceited, sexy... the list goes on. We are all different and all females are beautiful in their own unique way. We all have our own stories, what is yours?



 SHE London Luxury Lash Collection provides luxurious handcrafted mink lashes. Our mink lashes are of a high quality standard, with the finest naturally shed mink fur, obtained in a 100% animal cruelty-free manner.

SHE London seeks to give our customers a glamorous yet comfortable experience when wearing our lashes. We achieve this by placing multiple strands of the softest mink fur on to a weightless and flexible cotton band that will fit your eye perfectly once you cut them down to size. Our 3D mink and luxury mink lashes provide a natural and thick look per lash, whilst simultaneously being ultra fine and light in weight.


Our beautifully curled and fine mink fur lashes give your eyes a natural lift. SHE London Luxury mink lashes are durable,as with the correct care, they can withstand up to 25-30 uses from a single set,


SHE London is 100% against animal cruelty. All lashes in the SHE London Luxury Lash Collection are made from entirely cruelty-free practices. Our authentic mink fur lashes are meticulously handcrafted, collected from natural shedding seasons and then cleaned and sanitised to ensure they are safe to wear and hypoallergenic. We also ensure that our mink lashes are in compliance with the UK's health and safety regulations and standards at all times. 

The natural mink hair used to create our luxury lashes are free from both chemical processing and dyes.